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Dimebag Darrell: Listen To Unearthed Solo Song

A song written and performed by the late, great Dimebag Darrell has posted online today after having been previously unreleased. It's called "Twisted" and it can be purchased here. It's a great day when it feels like the late Pantera guitarist is communicating beyond the grave and still among us courtesy of some new (but old) music.

The song is not the only Dime item that's available. Dimebag Hardware has partnered with Elephant Brand Skateboards, a company owned by pro skater and consummate rocker Mike Vallely aka Mike V, to create a Dime-themed board. It's available for purchase at the Dime Hardware website.

A video was filmed at Dime and his lady love Rita Haney's home in Dalworthington Gardens, Texas, featuring the song. It's a nice tribute to the much-missed guitar god. It also gives new meaning to "Ride for Dime". That movement is no longer only about bikes but about boards!

Go here for more details.

 Listen to "Twisted" from Dimebag Darrell:

Thanks for the report to noisecreep.com
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