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Mokafix Audio RectiFuzz VST v1.2 - эффект искажения

A few effects managed to create a consensus among guitar players in terms of quality and usability...
...but very few ever created as much division as this famous fuzzy tone blending unit Rectifuzz is based on. Some love it, some hate it, but you can't get indifferent to the insane distortion provided by this big stomp effect.
Rectifuzz won't put an end to this debate but rather heat it up further more. Based on the circuitry of that famous pedal with a blend knob, Rectifuzz will provide you with a heavy, wide tone to fuel your metal amp or add some ringy grit to your funk riffs or lead solos.
Faithfull emulation
Each stage has been faithfully reproduced to give a realistic replication of that famous tone :
A preamp adds some color to the sound before messing it up
A distortion stage based on dual transistor fuzz will both fuzz and rectify the signal, producing that characteristic tone
Finally, the tone stage and final amp will polish the sound before leting you "blend" it with the dry preamp signal.
Four inner presets have been set to let you get the most out of this effect.
These presets change the basic setting of various elements in each sound processing stage to let you get a wider range of tones from this architecture.
The change is made through the simple "four dots" menu that follows our philosophy of keeping things simple in order to let musicians keep concentrating on music rather than on tweaking.

Features list :
On/Off switch
mono / stereo
Blend knob to mix dry preamp and distorted signals
Midi learn on most parameters
Oversampling up to "x4"

Размер: 8mb


Категория: VST/DX Effects | Добавил: Metabolic (09.04.2010)
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