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Mokafix Audio Companero Fuzz VST v1.2 - виртуальный єффект

Transistor based Fuzz pedals like the Fuzzface® hard clip and hard bias the input signal.
But why biasing hard in one direction when you could do it in both direction one after the other using two transistors? This is probably the question a japanese engineer asked himself when designing that rare fuzz Companero VST was inspired by.
This pedal will provide a very distorted sound and react instantly to your playing. A gain parameter was added to get the most out of the double transistor structure.
Low gain will let you benefit from the first auto-biasing
without triggering the second transistor treshold.
Hi Gain will make it fizz all the way.

Features list:
Original auto-biasing engine
Gain, Tone and volume knobs
mono / stereo modes
Midi learn on every parameter
Oversampling up to "x4"

Размер: 8 mb

Категория: VST/DX Effects | Добавил: Metabolic (09.04.2010)
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