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Audiosyn BBD Echo 80 VST 1.1.5

Audiosyn BBD Echo 80 VST 1.1.5 - точно подражает работе BBD (Bucket -Brigade Device). это аналоговые спецэффекты построенные на линиях задержки, FX аналоговая линиях задержки. К ним относятся (но не ограничиваясь ими); Echo, Delay, Chorus, flange, Resonator, and reverb-type effects.

* 11 BBD "fixed-Stage" lengths (64->65536) with manual 50%- 200% offset. Delay time can be set from a fraction of a millisecond up to +13 seconds @ 48khz.
* Delay-line clock from 1000hz up to host audio rate (i.e. 44khz, 48khz, 96khz). Unlike hardware analogue delays, no compromise needs to be made between fidelity & delay-time. BBD Echo-80 can be as clean or dirty as you want it.
* Delay time modulation with 5 waveforms types (Sine, Tri, Ramp, Saw & Sample & Hold). LFO now syncable to host MIDI clock.
* Audio re-triggering of the LFO modulator (for all waveforms), with variable phase selection of the waveform cycle. A 2-pole BPF is also provided to isolate audio frequency used for triggering.
* 4 or 8-Pole low pass filter (post delay) with selectable resonant & non-resonant response. Resonant response allows self-oscillating feedback.
* 2-Pole high pass filter for less "muddy" sounding delay's (Pre-delay).
* "Loop" function, which infinitely loops whatever is in the delay buffer.
* Volume (Pre-gain) & Dry/wet mix controls.
* Analogue-style VU meter with pre & post db monitoring switch.
* LCD numeric display which displays current delay time (in ms.) or clock/sample rate (in Hz.).
* Hiss knob, which introduces white noise for a "more authentic" analogue FX sound.
* In-built help file. Just flick the "help" switch on, and moving the mouse cursor over any control displays information on it's function and use.
* Save up to 64 preset patches per bank. 11 built-in patches included.
* High & low resolution plug-ins for different screen resolutions. High resolution VST is optimized for 1280x1024 & higher.
* Low CPU usage.

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